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Yard Force SA650ECO Robotic Lawnmower < 650 m²

Yard Force SA650ECO Robotic Lawnmower < 650 m
Yard Force SA650ECO Robotic Lawnmower

Yard Force SA650ECO Robotic Lawnmower < 650 m²

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Our Price:385.00 (Inc VAT at 20%)


Yardforce SA650ECO Robotic Lawnmower The YARD FORCE SA650ECO Robomower is the ideal way to achieve a pristine cut and a healthy lawn, it is effortless and easy to set up. Tired of spending hours mowing your lawn? This robotic mower will let you kick back and relax, while keeping your lawn looking great all year round.

Easy Set Up
No programming, no apps, no smartphone needed. Once all the perimeter lines are in place, just select the mowing hours and the robotic mower will automatically mow every day or night, rain or shine.

High Battery Performance
No job is too big for this machine as it features a 60 minutes runtime. With the quick charger built into the dock, your 28V Samsung Lithium-Ion 2Ah battery will be ready to go and fully charged in just 60 minutes.

Built-in Sensors
YARD FORCE robotic mower uses sensor technology to mow in different patterns across your lawn. With built-in sensors, obstacles, change of directions and inclines of up to 40% are easy to overcome. This robotic mower automatically returns to its charging dock when the battery is running low

Cutting Heights
Throughout the season, the cutting height can be altered, ranging from 20-60mm. To ensure the best results, always start in a high cutting position and work your way down to the cutting height you require.

Featuring a 60min run-time and a quick charge time of 60min, this mower is always ready when you need it

Masters hilly properties
The Yard Force SA650 ECO robot lawn mower is designed for a usage on hilly and steep lawns. It mows areas up to 650 m2 and masters slopes up to ± 40 % (27°) thanks to its powerful Li-ion battery.

Simple control panel and installation
The Yard Force 650 is very easy to use thanks to the intuitive touch control panel. All accessories (boundary wire, cable connector, cable hook, etc.) for installing the Yard Force SA650 ECO are included.

2 Years Domestic use Warranty

650m² is the recommended garden size for this Robotic Mower
• 28V Li-Ion 2.0Ah Battery
• Brushless motor
• 60 minute mowing time per charge
• 60 minute charge time
• 5 x cutting heights ranging from 20 – 60mm
• 18cm cutting width with 3 x razor blades
• Tackles incline of up to 40%
• Lift, obstacle, turnover & tilt sensors
• Pin Code, Alarm
• Weighs 8.9kg
• Accessories: 150 x Pegs, 120m Boundary wire, 9m extension
cable, 6 x Spare blades, screws and 3 x boundary wire connector B

Warrranty - 2+1 Years Domestic Use ( conditions apply )
Battery & Charger 1 Years Warranty


Setting up the Robotic Mower

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