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Mantis Classic Petrol Tiller Cultivator
The Mantis 4 Stroke Tiller Offer Tiller show with the FREE Kickstand & Optional EgderMantis Classic Petrol Tiller Cultivator - view 3Approved Mantis Sales & Service agent with Workshop Aftercare

Mantis Classic Petrol Tiller Cultivator

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Our Price:484.99 (Inc VAT at 20%)

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The Mantis 4 Stroke, a petrol tiller that's powerful yet easy to handle, one that can be operated using ordinary petrol. No need to mix petrol and oil - just fill up, switch on and you're off! And that's precisely what the New Honda powered 4-stroke tiller from Mantis does. Weighing in at only 11 kg it runs with ordinary, lead-free petrol. With the Mantis tiller you'll get a lot of your gardening work done in half the time - and do your back and joints a good turn, too.

Establish new beds and weed between vegetable rows or in flower borders. Cut perfectly straight planting rows and furrow the earth for vegetables such as leeks and potatoes. Aerate your lawn, remove the thatch and moss, and cut clean edges. All you'll need to do all of this is the Mantis 4-stroke tiller and the accessories that go with it.

The tines on the Mantis are guaranteed for life against breakage during normal use, all other parts of the tiller are Guaranteed for 5 years against Manufacturing defects

Optional Accessories available - See Details


Engine Honda 4 Stroke
Power 25cc
Tine RPM 240
Serpentines Tines
Working Width 23cm
Working Depth 25cm
Weight 11kg

5 Year Consumer Warranty

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