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Cobra IG10SI 1kVA 4-Stroke Petrol Generator

Cobra  IG10SI 1kVA 4-Stroke Petrol Generator
Cobra  IG10SI 1kVA 4-Stroke Petrol GeneratorCobra  IG10SI 1kVA 4-Stroke Petrol Generator - view 2

Cobra IG10SI 1kVA 4-Stroke Petrol Generator

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Our Price:310.00 (Inc VAT at 20%)

Cobra IG10SI 1kVA 4-Stroke Petrol Generator The Cobra IG10SI Generator provides a clean, quiet, reliable source of power whether you're in a caravan, camping or a motor home. Ideal for operatingsensitive electronics such as computers, TV's DVD's etc.


Light weight portable generator power
The Cobra alternator is connerted directly to the engine, eliminating the flywheel as in traditional sets.This design results in a 50% reduction in weight and overall dimensions. Electric power is made available to wide range of applications.

Unique construction utillzing the latest technology
Unique cooling air intake design, smart throttle power mgnagement, sound attenuation construction and inverter style output all combine to produce reliable portable electric power.

{Inverter Benefits}

The key technology is that they adopt inverter technology. The current generate from generator will be purified by inverter and the current will be performed a transform from AC to DC, then to AC. As the result the voltage output is independent from engine speed and voltage aberration will be not more than 0.5% and sine wave is smooth.So it can be used for device sensitive to electricity, such as computer. In addition to this, it is equipped with a special throttle which adjusts engine’s spdde according to actual load at any time.So that its fuel consumption is lower than traditional gensets by 20%-40%.What’s more its long running time benefits customers more.


Cobra IG10SI 1kVA 4-Stroke Petrol Generator

Engine: 4-Stroke / Single Cylinder - Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.8L
- Displacement: 53cc - Start Method: Recoil
- Oil Capacity: 250ml - Voltage: 230V / Rated Speed: 5300rpm
- Noise Level: 90db - Frequency: 50Hz / Domestic Warranty: 2yrs
- Noise Level @ 7m: 54-59db - Run Time: Up to 5hrs / Weight: 14.4kg
- Rated / Max Output: 900W / 1kVA - Dimensions: L 279mm x W 425mm x H 443mm
Domestic Warranty: 2 Years

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